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My Story

About Me

  • I am a detail-oriented coordinator in every way.
  • After seven years of experience planning weddings, I decided to establish my own company. I knew that I had so much experience to offer couples planning their special day that I did did not want to limit myself to only friends, family, and referrals.
  • I have helped organize over 170 weddings in Prague and beyond.
  • I love to laugh and surround myself with happy people, summer, dance, good food, sport, and travelling.
  • Since 2009, I’ve been planning and coordinating weddings ranging from 10 to 300 guests. First I worked for 3 years as the main wedding coordinator in one of the leading Prague wedding agencies, and for the following 3 years I have directed weddings at the InterContinental Hotel in Prague.

Why I Do What I Do

  • I know that what I do, I do as best as I can, with love and humility.
  • My work satisfies me completely.
  • Communication, organization, ability to multitask – must-have qualities of every successful coordinator and event planner – and something that defines me, and is something I love.
  • Despite graduating from the University of Economics Prague as an engineer of economics, weddings have always been my true passion.
  • I like to follow current trends in the wedding industry – both in the Czech Republic and abroad.
  • I love languages – only one more reason why I enjoy working with international clientelle as well.
  • Every time I am invited to a wedding, which is organized by the couple themselves, I realize how priceless it is to have a professional on top of things. It only reassures me that my work does make a difference.

Behind the Scenes

(Situations I have saved)

  • When a thief steals the photographer’s and DJ’s equipment right before the wedding.
  • When the bride insists on having a wedding cake made by an unknown company – and it collapses on the big day.
  • When a groom gets in a fight with the father-in-law.
  • When the wedding official does not show up because of a car accident.
  • When a drunken stranger starts jumping on a guest’s car during the ceremony.
  • When complete strangers join the wedding claiming they are relatives.
  • When your little flower girl stumbles in the aisle, falls down and starts crying.
  • When your little ring bearer unexpectedly throws the rings into the grasss.
  • When your maiden of honor forgets your rings despite several reminders, even though it is her only task.
  • When a strap on your maiden of honour’s dress breaks 15 minutes before the ceremony.
  • When your best man arrives without a shirt and shoes.
  • When the bride’s cousin – who is supposed to be the DJ – pays more attention to Facebook than to the wedding.
  • When your drunk uncle tries to hush the policemen who came after 10 pm to quiet the festivities.
  • When the groom’s drunk friends kidnap the bride and the groom does not intend to go and find her.
  • When the groom wants to stay sober, yet everybody else pressures him to drink

Many things may come up at the last minute, and I will handle them alll with a smile :-)

Enough about me - tell me more about you! Contact me, meet up in person, or simply turn on your Skype to see if I am the person for you.

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Choose your wedding planner well because your special day happens only once.

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