Love Letter



First of all I would like to také this opportunity to thank Lucie for her priceless help and care in the past half a year. We had a Czech-Spanish wedding, which was rather big by Czech standards (around 180 guests). During our visit to Prague we visited a couple of wedding planning agencies and met with a number of wedding planners and designers – Lucie was the clear choice. Already during our first meeting she managed to impress us and we knew we wanted her to work on our wedding. Her knowledge is extraordinary. We felt immense relief with Lucie on board, as we knew that nothing would go wrong. Who would believe it was even possible to fee that way about planning your wedding!

She was consulting us for the entire time of the planning process, always having numerous providers at hand to choose from. It felt as if we were the only ones in the world for her – she was always available. Whenever we came with something new, she simply smiled and started thinking of how to make it happen.

It feels amazing to work with someone so nice, professional and, most importantly, with someone who does not make a mistake. She surprised us by coming up with something new probably a hundred times.

On the wedding day, she was coordinating the entire event with her colleague absolutely seamlessly. She certainly made our wedding memorable for every one of us.
In closing, Lucie Hola is till today our beloved wedding planner and coordinator. We will always praise her and remember her.

Thank you!

Jitka and Guillermo

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