Love Letter


Possibility to work with Lucie was the absolute best experience from the whole wedding planning. We were thrilled by her work, enthusiasm and effort she put into organising our wedding. We were so lucky to have her as our wedding planner! She helped us with anything we could imaging during the whole year of planning, she was super helpful, skilled and professional. She controlled everything during the planning and on the wedding day so that our day would be perfect – and it was! We are so greateful for everything Lucie did for us. She has got plenty of experience, she always knows the answer, she is super sensitive, empathic and real professional. Mostly she was more caring and interested in all the wedding planning and details than us, she definitely worked on it much more than we did. She kept telling us what needs to be chosen or decided so that we wouldn´t forget anything. Our wedding was a huge success and we were happy with absolutely everything. The whole wedding was top class.

Thank you for everything Lucie!!!

Lena a Nikita

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