Love Letter


At the beginning, we haven’t even thought of having a wedding planner, we wanted to have a simple wedding, with families and friends, and thought that it would not be a complicated task 🙂
But planning a wedding in Czech republic, when in Switzerland was more tricky than we thought, and as from my side, I don’t speak a word of Czech, well the job was basically on the shoulders of my future husband. Luckily we realized soon enough that it will be too demanding for us, and this is when Lucie “came on stage”. She had already a lot of experience in planning Czech foreign wedding, and was totally up to work via Skype or e-mail (we met only three times before the wedding but everything worked very well). Not only Lucie helps us in finding the place of the ceremony (which was magical), suppliers who did a very good job, but she was also very helpful with all the paperwork we had to go through! As the big day approached, we had already seen all the hard work she puts in to designing this unique event, but it was really during the wedding day, that we saw the importance of her work and her presence : we were able to enjoy 100 % of the day, with our families and friends, without having to worry about anything, we were even surprised by things that we knew would come! In the end, it was perfect, beyond expectation, and everybody was happy to be here.

Of course we recommend Lucie to anyone who is planning a wedding. She is a very dedicated, generous and attentive person, and she was very flexible with the moments we could contact her (which was essential with our busy schedule at work…).

So once again thank you Lucie of everything, and all the best to all the future brides and grooms who will chose to trust her !

Foto: Helena Szmigielová

Sweets: PunkRockCakes

MUA: Martina Jägr

Flowers: Inspirito

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