Love Letter


I found website of Lucie Hola last year by chance when I was helping my friend plan her wedding. I really liked the style of her presentation and I immediately saw that the girl knows what she’s doing! I thought maybe once I was planning my own wedding, I could get in touch with her. Well, 4 months later we were sitting in on our first meeting. My husband didn’t like the idea of a wedding planner in the first place as we are both very organized ourselves. I have to say, we fought about this a lot. We planned a meeting with 3 wedding agencies on our trip to Prague and met Lucie the last. My husband said that he didn’t even want to go to meet her because he didn’t believe that we could find a wedding planner he would like, as he is very picky. Eventually, he came to the meeting and she blew us away. She spent 3 hours with us discussing everything we asked. She is always so calm, friendly, and has such a professional attitude. We knew we could trust her no matter what and knew instantly that if she would organize our wedding it would be perfect. She has plenty of experience with destination weddings and clients from abroad. My family came from Slovakia and my husband’s family from Britain, and many of our friends travelled from other countries all around the world. Lucie managed to plan and coordinate the wedding to absolute perfection. Her and her colleague spoke Czech and English to everyone, they were so organized, polite, friendly, and managed to coordinate the wedding so that everything went seamlessly. The guests enjoyed every moment of it!

Everyone had very high expectations of our wedding and we wanted it to be perfect. So when it started raining a few moments before the ceremony, which was supposed to happen outside, I couldn’t imagine how Lucie would manage it. She did.

Since our wedding, I’ve heard so many times from friends that our wedding was just PERFECT! And it truly was. I was waiting for some moment where something would go “wrong” and it just didn’t happen. I honestly say that our collaboration and the wedding day exceeded our expectations. My husband has been especially thankful for you and the fact that we hired your services. He eventually confirmed that I was right!

SO THANK YOU LUCIE to you and your lovely colleague. We will be very happy to recommend you as the best wedding planner in the Czech Republic for sure.

Thank you!

Nika & Alex


Photographer: Martin Sveda

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