I am one of the those people who like to research all the options before making a decision and; therefore, prior to signing with Lucie I have contacted almost every major wedding planning agency in the Czech Republic. The communication with Lucie was totally different from a get-go. Friendly yet professional. Also, where other agencies saw a problem (a Czech guy marrying an international girl with two nationalities and both of them living in Canada), she found her niche. She specializes in international weddings and can make yours tailored based on your cultural background and preferences.

We have only met face to face twice before the wedding and yet we had the wedding of our dreams served on a platter to us. Lucie focusing on the big picture while her assistant Jana dealing with day-to-day tasks make a perfect team. Plus they surrounded themselves with trusted reliable suppliers.

To be objective, I had my doubts as their services (and the services of the recommended vendors) were not the cheapest, but when I saw the final result, it was an investment worth making….

Thanks ladies

  • Svatby