Love Letter


Husbands and wives to be:

If you are looking for a truly professional wedding planner, we can’t recommend anyone more highly than Lucie. We had been planning for six months, having a date and 90 invitations sent. We were already working with a coordinator, but we found we were doing most of the work ourselves. The entire situation with our then-coordinator escalated so much that we decided to cancel all our reservactions despite our paid deposits. We cancelled in early May, but still wanted to stick to our original date in late June.
We were starting from scratch, stressed and tired, and actively searching for a new venue when we met Lucie.

Having a clear goal in mind – not changing the wedding date – Lucie did a great job. All went exactly as we had hoped. Lucie joined us on visits to wedding venues both near and far and walked us through everything from the very beginning. It was certainly not easy at times, as both my husband-to-be and I had truly busy schedules. Not to mention how extremely demanding I was as a bride, hoping to have everything, well, simply perfect.

Lucie is energetic and empathetic, but also a tough businesswoman who will get the best deals for you. Her list of contacts is very impressive – if one thing does not work out, another option certainly will. She is patient, she knows wedding etiquette, and knows what is trending in the wedding world. She has her own judgment, and when she has doubts she will tell you directly and honestly. With Lucie I simply felt that everything is possible – and this is crucial to being able to enjoy your wedding day. Lucie is someone you may trust.
Our guests told us our wedding was one of the best they have ever been to: it was beautiful, touching, and even humorous at times. Instead of crying people were laughing. It was luxurious yet warm and relaxed, and was supervised so discretely that we barely knew Lucie was there in the background coordinating the whole thing.

We can truly only recommend Lucie. Believe us, you will not regret it. Unlike many others, we can actually compare, since not many people decide to make such a drastic change in the middle of ongoing preparation, hire a new coordinator, and still organize their wedding in such a short time (one and a half months).
Thank you, Lucie!

Michaela and Milan

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