Love Letter


Bocconoc, Cornwall, Great Britain

Hi Lucie,

As promised, here are few words that would best describe our feelings towards your work and effort you put into our wedding. We sincerely hope this will help your future clients to recognize what an amazing person and great professional you are. Here it is:

We had our wedding in Cornwall, west England, where my husband grew up.

I have known Lucie for a long time. I asked her to help us with the wedding because I knew of her rich experience with wedding planning and how great she is in what she does. Lucie was in touch throughout the entire planning process. Everything clicked so well – from finding the right providers to the entire wedding concept and design. I did not expect the coordination to be that smooth given the long distance.

Should I had to do it all over again, I would not think of doing it without Lucie by my side. It saved me incredible amounts of time and stress having her as my wedding planner. It’s hard to imagine doing it without her now. My entire family could simply leave everything up to Lucie, relax and enjoy the wedding – exactly what I hoped for.

On our wedding day, everything went absolutely great. Our plan worked out just perfect, all thanks to amazing Lucie. Every one of our guests knew exactly what was going to happen. Lucie humorously explained some Czech wedding traditions to our guests, and the entire wedding carried on in the same light-hearted and fun spirit.

If we could, we would have her organize our wedding a few times a year. I can’t impress in words how much we appreciate all she has done for us. Thanks to her, we just forgot the entire organizational stress and simply enjoyed the day to the fullest with those we love.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Natalie and Anthony.




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